About Us

Hi, we are Matt & Emma

As industry leaders and go-getters in the Chain of Responsibility space. We help companies, leaders, and safety departments fix on-road risks through our innovative software, training, audits, policies and programs that add value to business.

Our pride is that our business is driven by customer feedback. 

Your benefit is years of experience and improvement from that customer feedback.

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My mission

From day one, my mission has been to save one life. After years working in Australian Logistics, safety has affected me personally.

Leaders have a duty in life to protect those who may not be able to do so themselves; humanity has a responsibility to work together & to help one another. Matthew Wragg – Founder

Since launching MAEZ, they have clients that have realized over $25 million in value in the form of increased revenues, reduction of key risks, mitigation of costly leadership errors & agreements, enhanced team and workplace performance garnered through expert facilitation, crucial conversations and a focus on building safe transport tasks.

They significantly impact safety performance by focusing on practical, objective actions that stakeholders can accomplish in real-time to affect critical business risks in a positive manner. MAEZ unique focus on practical CoR management drives businesses to change their behaviours and actions so that they, their teams and colleagues, are aligned on safety strategy and tactics, in a short amount of time.

Their clients include Mining companies, Building manufacturing companies, Retailers, Waste companies, Transport companies, startups, small and mid-size businesses.


We let our customers feedback drive our business.