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With over 20 years Supply Chain Senior Management experience and the former National Logistics Manager for CSR Monier with a $20m budget with direct responsibility for:

There isn’t a consultant working Chain of Responsibility, more experienced to offer practical advice to your organisation.

MAEZ was established to help business tackle Chain of Responsibility head on, with an every increasing demand on professionals to know everything, I know this isn't possible.

With my Masters in Logistics, Exemplar and Cert IV in Training and Education, along with years of hands on and corporate Supply Chain management experience, I am your trusted practical advisor in Chain of Responsibility.


With over 20 years of experience within Australian Supply Chains, such as Linfox, Harris Scarfe, CSR and NEXT based in the UK, managing logistics budget portfolios worth millions, including Chain of Responsibility and Safety outcomes for large businesses. Within that period, managing Heavy Vehicle investigations and directing Chain of Responsibility programs and reporting, and genuinely considered the national expert on CoR at CSR, Matthew has an intimate knowledge of the legal requirements and expectations of regulatory authorities.

Whilst Manager, of Logistics within CSR, Chain of Responsibility within the organisation, Matthew established the direction and strategies for national compliance, particularly the systems and reporting structure method that CoR would require in today’s framework. He led the design and development of the CoR/Safety Education program, investigated multiple breaches, formulated strategy to mitigate future breaches, wrote the policy on numerous CoR processes, and oversaw technology to assist with developing sound Chain of Responsibility safety measures.

Working alongside the National Corporate Safety Team, Matthew was also deeply entrenched in the amendments to the CoR policy for the wider CSR business that delivered the Primary Duty reforms within CSR. With an intent to “understand human behaviour” when investigating CoR breaches, he also refocused CSRs philosophy to one of cooperation and partnership to enhance the outcomes within the business.

Possessing a great passion for improving the safety, well-being, and productivity of businesses transport safety and workplace health and safety, and having worked in, or collaboratively engaged with, enforcement agencies and industry alike, Matthew has a real-world understanding of the many challenges faced in addressing the legal, political and business expectations acting upon the supply chain and transport industries.

As Matthew’s expertise comes from years of operational management, he takes pride in his ability to recognise your unique challenges and being able to devise strategies that address them.  The combination of deep legal understanding and practical solutions is critical to Matt’s approach, and he works collaboratively with clients to tailor effective, safe, and compliant systems.

Matt’s other experience includes strategic planning, managing organisational change, and performance measurement. He is also regularly sought for public speaking engagements, and to facilitate workshops, seminars and training programs.

Matthew has become instantly recognisable as the Australian authority on Chain of Responsibility, having built a profitable business over the last few years from very humble beginnings.  He has also presented at national forums and seminars on the practical approach, safety philosophies and performance measurement of CoR, and has won the respect of transport and supply chain organisations by bringing a simple and genuinely practical leadership style to compliance and safety improvements in over 50 Australian businesses.