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As an expert in Australian Supply Chain, I am here to help you,

Our team is dedicated to assisting your business in the turns and twists it will take throughout its lifetime. Whether it be a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) training course, Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) management plan, Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) documents or Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) safety system you have in mind, our team is dedicated to delivering the project in time and on budget for you.

MAEZ is proud to ensure that our team will surpass your expectations by providing that we manage the project ourselves for you, whatever the implementation. We will not and do not consider any of our leads or customers invaluable enough to delegate the workload out to others to complete.

The principal consultant for MAEZ, Matthew Wragg has spent years dedicating his life to senior management roles in major Australian Blue Chips; CSR, Linfox, Salmat and Harris Scarfe to name just a few. He brings a careful consideration of safety needs within a transport environment, but very importantly a required level of commercial though when working on projects.

Too often we have heard horror stories of Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) consultants telling people they have to spend thousands of dollars checking every single driver log book when it does not make practical sense to do so and importantly financial knowledge.

You can engage MAEZ and be assured that the Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) consultant that visits your workplace to help you with your Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) needs, in auditing, management, systems or training will be of the same quality as Matthew himself. Just as he prides himself in delivering best in class advice which works, is safe, is practical and financially viable in your supply chain.

Please don’t settle for second best; there is a reason why people come to MAEZ to seek advice on their Chain of Responsibility plans. When delivering projects within business people ensure the project will be delivered on time and in spec and as a result, trusting MAEZ every time.