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Your Definitive Partner in Enhancing Supply Chain Excellence and CoR Compliance

As experts in Australian Supply Chain, we are here to help you.

Within the complexities of Australia’s supply chain landscape, expert guidance isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for ensuring safety, compliance, and operational success. At MAEZ, we are your dedicated ally, guiding your business through the nuanced labyrinth of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR). Our expertise is not confined to one aspect. Still, it spans the essential components of CoR, from bespoke training courses and strategic management plans to meticulously crafting documents and resilient safety systems.

As your trusted partner, MAEZ embodies the commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. By managing every project internally, we ensure that each deliverable aligns with your unique objectives, is accomplished within your timeline, and remains faithful to your budgetary considerations.

The MAEZ Promise: Excellence Through Expert Stewardship

We take immense pride in our promise that the consultant orchestrating your project manages it firsthand. At MAEZ, quality is non-negotiable, and no task, irrespective of scale, is outsourced. We understand the value of trust and hands-on involvement; hence, we steer your project to its successful fruition.

A Legacy of Leadership and Prudence

Matthew Wragg, MAEZ’s principal consultant, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure in senior management roles within premier Australian corporations, including CSR, Linfox, Salmat, and Harris Scarfe. His approach marries an acute awareness of transport safety with an essential dose of commercial realism, ensuring every project balances safety imperatives with pragmatic business sense.

Tackling CoR with Critical Insight and Economical Acumen

We’ve heard the horror stories—CoR consultants advocating for excessive measures that overwhelm practicality and budget. This is where MAEZ diverges, offering a more enlightened path. Our strategies are tailored to your unique logistical fingerprint, ensuring every recommendation is meaningful, actionable, and financially reasonable.

Work with MAEZ and ensure your CoR consultancy remains true to your business ethos.

Harnessing the MAEZ Caliber in Every Encounter

Choosing MAEZ means gaining access to a team that mirrors the exemplary standards set by Matthew himself—a team steadfast in providing advice that’s not only safe and compliant but also honed for financial feasibility within your supply chain.

The MAEZ Difference: Pioneering a Path to Peak Performance

Settling for second best isn’t in our vocabulary, nor should it be in yours. Our clients seek MAEZ for advice on CoR plans because they know performance is guaranteed. Projects delivered by MAEZ are synonymous with punctuality, precision, and specifications tailored to the demands and dynamics of your operation.

Trust MAEZ to navigate every facet of the Chain of Responsibility with the insight, integrity, and innovation your business deserves.

Discover why MAEZ is the preferred choice for CoR excellence.

Steering Your Supply Chain to New Horizons of Safety and Efficiency

MAEZ is here to deliver when your business demands expertise that seamlessly weaves together safety concerns, logistical challenges, and commercial viability. Embrace the assurance that comes with partnering with a firm that understands the intricate mechanics of the Chain of Responsibility and elevates it into an art form that orchestrates peak supply chain performance while safeguarding against any compliance risks.

Let’s embark on this journey together with MAEZ at the helm—where expert advice, precision execution, and commercially astute CoR strategies drive your supply chain’s lasting success.

Contact MAEZ today for unparalleled CoR consultation and guidance.