Drug & Alcohol Testing

You can have obtained drug and alcohol testing from many businesses, from many examiners. There is no requirement to hold any accreditation before you test people in a private or professional capacity.

But do you want a trained professional or some person just dragged off the street, in charge of ensuring the results obtained, comply with Australian standards? Or even has an understanding to make sure the equipment itself complies with Australian standards or is even in date?

That we’ll leave to you. But if you decide to get someone in to help protect your business and conduct drug and alcohol testing to ensure you are performing your due diligence in making sure you are physically testing your staff, which is important to protect yourself against any prosecution should things go wrong. Then we can ensure you get a trained and accredited drug and alcohol examiner that is trained to ensure the examination of your staff is confidential, respectful, complies with Australian standards and is conducted in such a way you are guaranteed to catch those out who may be doing to wrong things to ensure a drug safe workplace.

If you have any doubt in your mind that staff under your duty of care are at risk because others in the workplace may be doing the wrong thing, you have a duty to act and the best way is to invest a small amount of energy in your day to start the process that will eliminate the risks in your business today. We can help guide you through the process if you have no current process to remove drug and alcohol risk in your business and if you do, we have the capability to support your needs as well, whatever they may be.

Don’t leave your business at risk of others, get in touch today so we can help you manage your drug and alcohol risks today. Chain of responsibility legislation demands a physical check, signing off daily on someone’s fitness is not a standard completely accepted in law within Australia.