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Our clients come from a wide range of industries, with their own transport and outsourced transport models. Our clients range in size from owner/operator to large corporate organisations with hundreds of employees. One thing that sets our auditors apart is their experience working within different industries and we will always tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

We have teams readily working out of Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, Adelaide, South Australia to Perth, Western Australia.

We come to you.

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- CoR Experts; in the trade

“You have a Chain of Responsibility Expert at your disposal, often engaged by masses to provide key advice and solutions”

A senior leader in large Logistics and Supply Chain Industry Groups, for over 20 years.

Supply Chain Expert

MAEZ Core Products

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Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Audit

If you want to clearly understand the exposure in your business, then a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) business audit is the first step in defining your safety strategy.

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Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Training

Engage a solution that is tailored for every party listed in the chain, at a price that makes sense and available at a time that suits your business, on demand.

Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Management

Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) compliance is a minefield and can be very costly. MAEZ will tackle all your compliance needs, with a surprising, but pleasing cost.

Supply GPS

Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Telematics

GPS driven telematics is a game-changer for managing your Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) compliance. Find out how it can make a difference to your fleet today.

We’re not just consultants, we're consultants that change organisational culture with you, practically.


Our client's achieve CoR compliance within their business, by aligning our client's processes and vendors to meet the demands of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL), in a practical & tailored approach each time. MAEZ supports it's client's, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned.

On Demand CoR Online TRAINING

Delivering on demand, online CoR training to strengthen compliance. MAEZ provides targeted training to key duty holders, employees in your business, to ensure the or CoR education. A key compliance measure to meet your legal liability under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL).


MAEZ manages transport or CoR compliance for businesses end to end. By ensuring the business, leaders and key people are protected. MAEZ does this by ensuring your businesses compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL), delivering a safety management plan and the tools behind it to succeed.