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An industry leader, Helping companies, leaders, and safety departments fix on-road risks by offering software, training, audits, policies and programs that add value to businesses.

A message from the director of MAEZ, Matthew Wragg

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chain responsibility software

Chain of Responsibility Management Software

Protecting your business and its management team from non-compliant vendors. Flexibility and scalability critically offering our clients unprecedented transparency of their national supply chains.

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audit responsibility

Chain of Responsibility Audits & Assessments

Protecting your business and its management team from on-road risks. Flexibility and scalable solutions both site and offsite, with benchmarked results through years of Chain of Responsibility engagement in the Supply Chain.

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train chain

Chain of Responsibility Training

Protecting your business and its employees from risks and injuries. Flexible and scalable solutions both onsite and offsite, with targeted training for all levels of your business, via thorough information and competency-based assessments.

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executive system responsibility

Chain of Responsibility Safety System

Empowering your business and its employees to showcase your businesses capability through Chain of Responsibility safety. Scalable solutions, proven to help win and maintain business through years of experience in Chain of Responsibility in Supply Chain.

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On-road risks are everywhere, and it's time to fix it.

MAEZ use innovative safety strategies and creative problem-solving methodologies to help companies and leaders remove their risks.

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I’m very proud to recommend Matthew. He is an exceptionally good Supply Chain Manager with a strong focus on safety through Supply Chain and that of the people working under him.
Matthew was always very happy to support our broader Safety strategy and delivered some great results whilst we worked together.
Darren Marsh, General Manager
Clipper Logistics

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