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With a 25-year expertise in the supply chain sector and comprehensive qualifications in CoR and adult training, MAEZ has been a dedicated player in transport risk management.

Our mission is to empower the transport industry with sustainable tools, enhancing service delivery and reducing incidents. From direct client impact to industry-wide improvements, our success stories reflect the real difference we bring to businesses.

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Our team of experienced professionals understands the intricacies of supply chains, logistics, and regulatory frameworks. We work closely with clients across various industriesto design tailored strategies that address their specific needs and challenges.

Why Chain of Responsibility is Neccessary?

Chain of Responsibility is necessary to ensure accountability and safety in the transport industry, as it holds all parties involved responsible for their actions and decisions. MAEZ solves this by providing comprehensive solutions and mitigate risks effectively.

The Blueprint of Excellence

Initial contact via phone or email to properly understand your unique challenges.
Structured roadmap provided, including face-to-face or online training, document writing, and SaaS software.
Utilization of registered Mastercode, a standardized industry practice aligning businesses with HVNL
In-house SMS called CoRGuard to streamline operations, manage data, and offer continuous support
Our Principal Consultant leads the team, ensuring constant client communication and transparency

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The safety of our roads is of paramount importance, particularly in the transport sector. In Australia, the safety of the transport sector relies heavily on the Heavy Vehicle National Law
The safety of our roads is of paramount importance, particularly in the transport sector. In Australia, the safety of the transport sector relies heavily on the Heavy Vehicle National Law
Are you feeling the rise in living costs? How would your corporation pay penalties for $3,546,390 for a Category 1 offence? How would your family cope if you had to

Frequently Asked

The “Chain of Responsibility” in Australian transport law refers to a legal concept that extends the accountability of adherence to transport laws beyond the drivers, to include every person in the supply chain who has influence over transport activities.

This law is part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), and its purpose is to ensure safety in road transport operations. The Chain of Responsibility recognizes that multiple parties may be responsible for conditions and actions that affect road safety, not just the driver.

Everyone in the supply chain – including consignors, consignees, loaders, schedulers, packers, freight forwarders, operators, drivers, receivers, and employers – has a legal obligation to ensure breaches of road transport laws do not occur.

Parties in the Chain of Responsibility are required to demonstrate they have taken all reasonable steps to prevent a breach of the law. If they fail to do so, they can be held legally accountable for breaches of the HVNL. The Chain of Responsibility provisions are based on the concept that if you are part of the transport supply chain, no matter what your role, you are responsible for road safety.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training refers to specific educational programs designed to familiarize individuals with the CoR laws and their obligations under these laws. This is particularly relevant in the context of Australian transport law, as discussed previously.

CoR training can be taken by anyone who is part of the logistics and supply chain, such as managers, supervisors, fleet owners, loaders, drivers, etc. The purpose of this training is to ensure that everyone in the supply chain understands their roles and responsibilities under the CoR laws and how to manage risks and improve safety.

Training is an essential part of ensuring a safe transport task. MAEZ’s online, 24/7 available, interactive training programs would be a key asset for any business needing to improve its understanding and implementation of HVNL.

Under the HVNL, businesses need to ensure the safety of their transport tasks. The SMS system, such as CoRGuard offered by MAEZ, would be critical for clients to manage safety risks, document incidents, streamline operations, and provide ongoing support.

A risk management plan is a document that outlines the steps that a business will take to manage the risks associated with transporting goods or people. The plan should include a risk assessment, a list of controls, and a process for monitoring and reviewing the plan.

For businesses seeking to obtain new business or expand, having scalable systems and practices in place that can grow as the business grows is crucial. MAEZ’s standardized and scalable services would be very appealing to any business looking to fix compliance costs.

Improve your safety performance with MAEZ Consultancy, your partner in robust, comprehensive safety management. Our signature Safety Management System, CoRGuard, streamlines operations, effectively manage data, and provides continuous support to mitigate and control risks in heavy vehicle operations.

Harness the power of our flexible training options, available face-to-face or 24/7 online, tailored to enhance your understanding of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). Benefit from our expert application of the Mastercode, the industry-standard practice which aligns businesses with HVNL, as we guide you towards exemplary compliance.

We provide professional document writing services for necessary procedures and policies, underlining your commitment to safety. Our experienced team offers personalised risk management consultation to help establish efficient safety protocols. Leverage our comprehensive RCIP Mastercode audit to identify areas of improvement and track your performance.

With MAEZ, enjoy the reassurance of constant communication and transparency, keeping you informed and aligned with changing regulations and standards. Partner with Maez Consultancy – transforming safety performance, one client at a time.

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