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Eifers Pty Ltd | NHVR Issues Enforceable Undertaking

Over the many years of operation at MAEZ we are continually staggered to find a lack of Mass control at varying types of business. What is interesting is that businesses that drive revenue from Mass related products, for example, Iron Ore, tend to be very specific with its Mass control, where others are not.

$60,000 Fatigue Breach

Share on linkedin Share on google Share on facebook Share on twitter DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT AND MAIN ROADS (Complainant) v Anonymous Transport Co. If the person in control of a heavy vehicle commits an extended liability offence, each influencing person is also taken to have committed the offence. 25th August 2020BackgroundDuring the period of employment,

How to Implement Chain of Responsibility

A visiting truck sales person injured, resulted in Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd agreeing to an enforceable undertaking, having a total expenditure of $1,294,100. Critically, the external audit by a safety representative was never completed at an operational level to ascertain if the current traffic management was suitable.

CoR Comply

Share on linkedin Share on google Share on facebook Share on twitter CoR Compliance To comply with CoR seems to be something within industry of a mix of opinions. The legislation allows for just one and by reading more, you too can get an insight into what it means to comply through your companies policies

Laing O’Rourke Australia | NHVR Issues Enforceable Undertaking

Companies are being reminded to take the Mass and on-road safety responsibilities of all heavy vehicles (GVM or GCM > 4.5T)seriously as outlined here in this Alert. No one wants a fine on their watch and every great leader in business is on the lookout for risks as well as revenue.

Your Duty Of Care

A three-year-old boy, who was under the duty of care of Goodstart Early Learning, was found dead inside a minibus that was parked outside the Hambledon State School in the southern Cairns suburb of Edmonton on Tuesday 25th Feb 2020. No reasonable person gets out of bed in the morning with a thought to bring harm to someone else, so what went wrong?

What Is Corporate Derivative Liability?

Companies are being reminded to take speed restrictions seriously, following the SA State Government increased penalties, for heavy vehicles travelling on the South-Eastern Freeway