Significant Increase in CoR Fines & Prosecutions

NHVR penalties increase from 1 July 2022 

Are you feeling the rise in living costs? How would your corporation pay penalties for $3,546,390 for a Category 1 offence? How would your family cope if you had to face jail time?

As all the living costs are increasing, the NHVR penalties continue to grow also. The NHVR has indexed their penalties as they do each year on 1 July. Penalty increases from the NHVR include those for category 1, 2 and 3 offences.

Category One Chain of Responsibility offence is now – $3,546,390

From a review of the penalties being handed out by the NHVR, it is evident that they are starting to clamp down on the rules. In the past 12 months, there have been 28 penalties handed out, as compared with 19 in the previous 12 months, resulting in a 147% increase in fines being handed out.

Whats In It For You?

We’ve recently seen an South Australian based concrete company liquidated due to a significant fine imposed.

So what can you do to reduce your risk individually and as a corporation?

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. It is a matter of having as many systems and procedures in place as possible to mitigate the risk. Now is an excellent time to review those risks and practices in your business to ensure you are doing everything possible.

Is the fatigue and speed in your organisation being reviewed, or mass and load restraint checked before a heavy vehicle departs your loading facility?

Do you actually understand what your requirements are?

Engage Your Employees

Our online training is a great place to start if you are unsure of your requirements under the HVNL (Heavy Vehicle National Law). You can purchase as little as one seat, or if you are looking to purchase in bulk, contact MAEZ on 1300 553 811 to enquire further.

Don’t follow the trend which is starting to occur and let a fine ruin your business or your life. Learn about CoR today!

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